Talking with Students About Race and Social Justice through Art

Resources & Links

Black Lives Matter Advocacy and Policy – National Art Education Association

Black Art Matters; 10 Canadian Artists to Know – Art Canada Institute

How to Talk about Anti-Black Racism – Art Gallery of Ontario

Art & Social Justice – What is a Portrait 

Anti-Racist Education for Early Childhood Educators

Kids Think About Art and Race at the Tate

Scratch and Mix project at the AGO

First Encounters with Race and Racism NYT

Racism No Way Cartoons

Art History – Race and Identity

Using Art to Explore Injustice and Social Justice 

Graphic designers share illustrations and resources in support of Black Lives Matter

Anti-Racist Arts Resources – Hopkins Centre for the Arts

Black Lives Matter School Resources – NEA

Standing in Solidarity: Resources for our Community – Perez Art Museum Miami  

A Black Curator Is Never Just a Curator: Canadian Art

Group Theory: Canadian Art


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Vol 36 No 1 (2019): Whiteness and Art Education : Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education 


Centres and Organizations 

Nia Centre for the Arts (Toronto):

Freedom School (Toronto):

Black Speculative Arts Movement:

Diversité Artistique Montreal:


Wildseed Centre for Activism & Art: 76 Geary Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 2B5

Black Artists’ Network in Dialogue:

Black Space Winnepeg:

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