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President’s August 2015 Message

I hope this message finds you all having a relaxing summer and a chance to get caught up with friends and family! If travel is in the plans, I hope it takes you to places far and wide! This is the time to reflect and rejuvenate. I hope you all will indulge in a wonderful holiday, whatever form that takes!

In this message, I would like to bring some updates from the CSEA/SCÉA front. In the coming weeks, the latest issues of our two publications will be on your doorstep. First, our Canadian Art Teacher editor, Michael Emme, has been working hard to put together an issue with contributions from our talented art education graduate students from across Canada, who presented at the 2014 Halifax conference.

President’s November 2015 Message

I would like to extend a big thank you to all of you for your continued interest in the CSEA/SCÉA, and a special thank you to those who participated in the Members’ Forum and AGM in Montreal on October 17. Your ideas and insights about the future direction of the CSEA/SCÉA are inspiring.

The executive has summarized all the comments you have given us, and will be developing a strategic plan based on your input, especially your identification of the “Top Priorities for the Coming Year”. This plan will be shared with all our contacts as soon as it is ready. The executive is energized and motivated by the enthusiasm you expressed during the forum, and look forward to being part of the next chapter in the life of the CSEA/SCÉA.

Full time employment opportunity

The Surrey Art Gallery is a contemporary art museum located in a fabulous building in one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. We’re known for ambitious exhibitions, community responsive programming and support for digital art.