Canadian Art Teacher, Volume 16, no. 1 out now!

A message to current CSEA/SCÉA members, and those current through 2018:

Watch your mailboxes!  We are pleased to announce the release of Volume 16, No. 1 of the Canadian Art Teacher journal. This Special Graduate Student Issue, guest edited by Genevieve Cloutier and Naheed Gul Ali, showcases the exciting work of graduate students Bettina Forget, Eleni Karavanidou, Tiina Kukkonen, Nicole Lee, Rina Jamil, and Kimberly Baker. An artist insert features the artwork and community engagement of Paul Butler and Maura Doyle. Many thanks to Dr. April Mandrona, Editor, Canadian Art Teacher! Yours truly,

Peter A. Vietgen, Ph.D.

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