Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 13, No.2, 2015

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 13, No.2, 2015

In This Issue

Peter Purdue: Remembered
Ann Donald
jan jagodzinski

Guest Editorial: New Directions in Art Education
Alison Shields & Tyler Hyde

Editorial: Oh!… Flux!?  On Metamodernity & a 4 Generation CAT
Michael J. Emme

Gaitskell Address: Honouring the Visual: Nurturing Alliances in Art, Education & Community
Ron Shuebrook

From the Graduate Symposium

Working through a Silenced First Nation Ancestry with A/r/tography: Presence, Absence and Movement
Geneviève Cloutier

Anti-Homophobia: Elementary Initiatives Participant-Focused-Based Research Practice
Melissa-Ann Ledo

Setting the Standard: The Role of Public School Academic Standards in Museum Educational Programming
Thuvia Martin

A New History: Family Stories & the Holocaust
Shauna Rak

Lingering Thoughts on Contemporary/new/media/art/ education
Anna Ryoo

Eksperimenta! 2014
Peter Vietgen & Joanna Black

BOOK:  Who Says That’s Art? A Commonsense View Of The Visual Arts.Michelle Marder Kamhi (2014)
Reviewed by: David Pariser

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 13, No.1, 2014

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 13 No.1, 2014

In This Issue

Table of Contents:  CAT 13(1)

Editorial: MERZ Canada 

Building a living network of art educators
Michael J. Emme

Kindergarten Merzbau
Aaron Sennitt

Inclusive Teaching: Going Online for Art Education
Pam  Patterson

Picking Up The Pieces
Andrea Wenckebach

Zokei Asobi: Productive Play for Creativity And  An Understanding of Material Properties
Brian Petersen

Little Shoes, Big Questions: Ownership, Appropriation and Inclusive Practice
Jacqueline Walsh

Drama Is More Than A “Stage”    
Stephanie Scarpelli

CSEA/SCEA Honourary Membership
Miriam Cooley

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 12, No.2, 2014

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 12, No.2, 2014

In This Issue

Message from the President                                

Miriam Cooley

Editorial: Materiality(s)                

Michael J. Emme

Nourrir la pratique créative par des projets multimodaux (Nurturing a creative practice through multimodal projects)

Moniques Richard

Is it Easy Being Green?: Eco Art Initiatives for you and your Classroom

Erika Folnovic

Online Resource Review:

Videos of Visual Artists in Greater Sudbury

            Directed by Kathy Browning

Elizabeth Ashworth

Book Review:

Culturally Relevant Arts Education for Social Justice
Mary Stone Hanley, Gilda L. Sheppard,
George W. Noblit, Thomas Barone (Editors)

Nataliya Brylynska & Anna Augusto Rodrigues

Who I (really) am: An exploration of urban Aboriginal identity through short film

Francine Cunningham

Ching-Chiu Lin

Kit Grauer


What’s in a Frame?

Michael J. Emme

Insert: uncanny metaphor Sherri Hay

Resource written and designed by Michael J. Emme

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 12, No.1, 2013

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 12, No.1, 2013

In This Issue

Message from the President
Miriam Cooley

Guest Editorial
Adrienne Boulton-Funke & Michel Levesque

Editorial: Art Education as Mobility
Michael J. Emme

Into Darkness:  Assessment Models in Post-secondary Studio Art Education
Sebastien Fitch

Room to Breathe: Designing a Community Art Classroom

Jennifer Wicks

Art Party Rhizome, Social Practices … with legs on top
Geneviève Cloutier

Contrer le désengagement scolaire par l’enseignement des arts: Perspectives de développement curriculaire auprès de jeunes décrocheurs
Martin Lalonde

Instant Analysis: Mobile Photography as a Research Method
Laurel M. Hart

Du couloir de l’école au musée interactif
Marie-Pier Viens

Making a Scene: A Lesson Plan
Hudson Christie

Insert: Haida Manga / Art at the Edges
Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 11, No.2, 2013

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 11, No.2, 2013

In This Issue

Message from the President

Miriam Cooley

Editorial: Oddities and Affinities

Michael J. Emme

On Being a Collector: The Story of Three Papers

Amy Brook Snider

The Art Educator as Collector: Archivist, Collector, or Packrat?

Harold Pearse

A la recherche des newts perdus: Portrait of the art educator as a young collector

David Pariser

Reflections of an Avid Collector and Occasional Researcher

Amy Brook Snider

Cabinets of Curiosities: Using Collections in Visual Studio Practice

Don Bergland

Strategies for Engaging ADHD Students in Art Classrooms

Meneka Thirukkumaran

Photographing the Abandoned School

Natalie Leblanc

Transformative Learning through Art Voice: A Case Study in South Africa

Sally (Adnams) Jones

Exploring the Math and Art Connection: Teaching and Learning between the Lines

Reviewed by: Roberta La Haye

CALL FOR PAPERS – Canadian Art Teacher – Graduate Student Special Issue

The Canadian Society for Education Through Art is happy to announce that once again we will be publishing a special issue of Canadian Art Teacher journal featuring the research and ideas of graduate students working within the discipline of visual arts education from across Canada. As a currently enrolled graduate student field of Art Education, as well as any related Arts & Design fields, we invite you to be a part of this special issue.

The Canadian Art Teacher (CAT) is published twice a year. The goal of the journal is to help art educators exchange fresh and exciting teaching ideas, disseminate cutting-edge research in art education, and to discuss pertinent issues in our field that affect students and educators. In anticipation of publishing in this journal, you may request a recent digital copy so that you are familiar with the general purpose and layout of the journal.

Please submit a paper of up to 1500 words, including footnotes and endnotes plus reference/bibliography with high quality (4”x6” @ 300 dpi) images in a 4-page magazine-style spread.  By submitting images you affirm that you are the copyright holder or have written permission for image publication.  Additionally, papers cannot be under review for another journal.

As part of a new initiative designed to engage teachers throughout Canada with contemporary Art Education research, this year we ask that you consider accompanying your article by an additional section (included in the 1500 word limit) with ideas for practical applications in (and outside) the classroom. This could include a lesson plan, an activity, or teaching points. Following submission, your paper will be peer-reviewed, and if accepted, the editorial team will work with you to make necessary revisions and prepare your submission for publication.

Please contact with a confirmation of your intent to participate ASAP. We ask that you submit your work (as a word doc.) to the above email address by August 15, 2018. Your work will be peer-reviewed.  Following the successful completion of the review process, we will be requesting your short biography for the journal publication.  We look forward to hearing about and seeing your work as CSEA works towards developing deeper connections between Canada’s graduate students and art educators across the country. We hope you will consider this publishing opportunity, and we look forward to receiving your work.


Naheed Gul Ali,          Graduate Student Representative

Genevieve Cloutier,     Former Graduate Student Representative

Guest editors, The Canadian Art Teacher Grad Student edition

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 11, No.1, 2012

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 11, No.1, 2012

In This Issue

Message from the President
Miriam Cooley

Artworld(s): Pictures from Our Ever-expanding Planet
Michael J. Emme

Rethinking a Transabled Aesthetic Paradigm
for Art and Design Education
Pam Patterson

Infusing Visitors’ Art work into Gallery Spaces:

Expanding Possibilities and Building Relationships
Natasha S. Reid

Artists on the Move
 Agnieszka Chalas

CSEA/SCÉA Gaitskell Memorial Address 2012:
Fear No Art
Michael J. Emme

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 10, No.2, 2012

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 10, No.2, 2012

In This Issue

Message from the President
Miriam Cooley

Editorial: Generating Art Education
Michael J. Emme

An ABECEDART of Arts Advocacy
Herménégilde Chiasson

Did Darts Hit the Target(s)? A Response to “Contemporary Art Education: A Manifesto” by David Darts
Harold Pearse

CSEA Gaitskell Memorial Adress 2011: Art and the After-life (…and there is only the dance…)
Cynthia Taylor

Guest Editorial
Adrienne Boulton-Funke, Sebastien Fitch, & Renee Jackson

(Un)dressing Art: Toward a New Feminist Pedagogy of Fashion
Maria Ezcurra

Relationality and Art Making: Exploring an Interdisciplinary Class Project for Lumiere
Mindy R. Carter

In-Between Fredricton and Brochet
Allison Moore

Re-Thinking Design Education: Relational Ideas and Contemporary Design Practice
Tina Carlisi

Reading Around a Theme: The Art Textbook–A Review of: Art Works
Mary Ann Dobson

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 10, No.1, 2011

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 10, No.1, 2011

In This Issue

Message from the President
Miriam Cooley

Editorial: Spheres of Influence: Canada in the Art Educational Universe
Michael J. Emme

Contemporary Art Education: A Manifesto
David Darts

CSEA Gaitskell Memorial Address 2010: Mapping Arts Educators’ Global Advocacy Networks
Rita Irwin

Eksperimenta!: An International Showcase for Art by Secondary Students
Joanna Black & Miriam Cooley

Book Review: The Museum Experience: The Discovery of Meaning [Carole Henry]
Byrna Bobick

Reading around a Theme: Museum/Gallery Education
Michael J. Emme

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 9, No.2, 2011

Canadian Art Teacher – Volume 9, No.2, 2011

In This Issue

Message from the President
Miriam Cooley

CAT * Post-CAT * Trans-CAT: Confessions of a Creative Haptophiliac
Michael J. Emme

Editorial: Technology in Art Education
Joanna Black & Kathy Browning (Guest Co-Editors)

Merging Visual Arts, Literacy, Technology, and the Art of Carl Beam
Marlene Lee

DIY 3-D Video Games: One Worked Example
David V. Gill

Towards a Dialogue between New Media Arts Programs in and out of Schools
Ching-Chiu Lin, Juan Carlos Castro, Anita Sinner, & Kit Grauer

Do-it-Yourself Professional Development through Online Personal Learning Networks
Juan Carlos Castro, Stephanie Danker, Elizabeth M. Delacruz, Tricia Fluglestad, Craig Roland, & Mary Strokrocki